« The idea is not essentially communicable, it is only relatively; because, once conceived and expressed in a work of art, it is revealed to everyone only in proportion to the value of their mind »

Artistic Path

From very early on in life, I was keenly interested and involved in the visual arts, ultimately seeking academic training in that field at the Université de Montréal, leading to a certificate in Creativity and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Fine Arts, followed by further courses at the Saydie Bronfman Centre. I have been actively involved in the Atelier du geste for several years. My works, including paintings, photographs and sculptures have been exhibited in several exhibitions since the mid 1990’s, including some group exhibitions.

Professional Artist member of the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels (RAAV), of the Association ASPM – Sculpteurs sur pierre and the Québec Sculpture Council (CSQ).



Self-taught in stone sculpture, I have practiced it since 2005 at Mr. H. Bercovitz’ studio. From my first attempt, I was captured by sculpture. Since 2014 I do my sculpting at Michele Lavoie work shop. The “Cercle des Artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec (CAPSQ)” awarded a bronze medal for ‘Farandole’ in 2012 and for ‘Boléro’ in 2014, during the 29e and 30e ‘International Gala of Visual Arts Sound and Light’. In 2016, at the 24th Salon des arts visuels in Brossard, my sculpture ‘Nés de la mer’ won the” Jury Award “.


Delving deeply into the depths of my imagination, I pursue an approach in painting that favours creativity, permitting fanciful forms to spring forth from experience that transcends the conventional and the academic. As long as my artwork will allow me to share my fascination with creatures and nature, I will enjoy those precious moments given back to me by the pleasure detected in the observer’s eye and it will remain a nourishing creative experience.

My art work have been exhibited for many years, some of which are included in private collections in France, Switzerland, Denmark as well as New Zealand, the United States and Canada.